Dexion's History

  • The History Of Dexion Storage

Dexion's History

Dexion was created by Demetrius Comino, a 50-year-old Greek-Australian who had made Britain his home. He originally started a printing business which was soon running well and Comino started looking for efficiency gains in his business.

Dexion slotted angle was the answer to one of his efficiency questions, How can you build storage racks for paper and type that could be knocked down quickly and reused?

By 1947, Comino's experiments had resulted in a framing material suitable for construction purposes Dexion (the ancient Greek word for right) Slotted Angle was stronger than wood weight for weight and could be stored in a fraction of the space needed for wooden timbers of a similar strength.

And so the first adjustable storage system was created. Dexion later went on to design purpose built pallet racking and shelving systems.

In 2005 Dexion became part of the Constructor Group. Originally founded in 1856, the name Constructor Group was only adopted in 1996 following the merger of Electrolux Constructor with Kasten Høvik. Since then the company has grown in size and stature and has become a market leader by following a policy of acquisition and growth.

Constructor Group is now based on five key brands;ConstructorBruynzeel, Dexion, PSS and Kasten.  Each brand has been built up over decades and is now a market-leader in its own right.