Warehouse Optimisation - using the space wisely

  • Dexion - warehouse optimisation considerations

Warehouse Optimisation - using the space wisely

With warehouses and distribution centres now operating under tight budgets, while still being required to meet customer demand, warehouse optimisation can be an essential means of increasing a company’s productivity. Whilst there are many tactics for the effective storage of goods, a two-pronged approach, namely minimising space wastage and maximising space utilisation, offers the best results.


Inadequate use of space is inefficient and results in poor warehouse optimisation. Warehouse storage suppliers, such as Dexion, use the latest 3D modelling-technology to maximise the cubic-space. By using ALL of the space available, including the TOTAL floor-space and height of the building, companies can minimise outgoings including heating and lighting. Many operations only utilise the first 4 or 5 metres of a building’s height, leaving empty space up to the roof or don’t consider the alternative more compact storage systems for slower moving or similar goods.


A professional assessment can identify the most effective layout of a warehouse whilst taking into consideration possible plans for future expansion. Undertaking a review of your existing space utilisation is advisable before investing in other options, for failure to do so may result in duplicating poor space utilisation into any new plans.


Utilising the expertise of a company such as Dexion will ensure that in-depth expert planning is conducted prior to commissioning any new design or construction of a warehouse, enabling the optimum size and shape of warehouse to be built. However, the redesigning an existing warehouse layout can sometimes result in a more efficient and time saving arrangement, eliminating the need for additional storage space or costly warehouse extensions.