Create your own catalogue - A new online service for you!

  • Create your own catalogue - A new online service for you!

Create your own catalogue - A new online service for you!

We are proud to reveal a new functionality on this website called "My Catalogue". This is a service which lets you, the visitor of our website create your own personal catalogue with pages you select from our website. The benefit is that you will not have to print a full-range catalogue, but focus only on what's relevant for your needs.

The format of the generated catalogue is optimised for typical home printers, but also optimised for sharing by email or social networks. The catalogue can be downloaded as an interactive PDF with links to images and other related information about our storage solution and services. Even the selection of pages can be shared for collaborative reasons.

"This new functionality will give our customers more tailored and precise information in a format which is good for storing and/or sharing. Customer centric solutions, as the My Catalogue function, is the main objective for all our digital channels." says Jørgen Wik-Dahl, the Internet Manager at Constructor Group AS.

The technical solution was developed in collaboration with Bouvet who has done a great job ensuring our high demands on usability, seamlessness and technical performance to give our visitors the best user experience.
"It has been a very encouraging project and fulfilling the customers’ business requirements and at the same time pushing technical boundaries. And we are very proud of the result.", says Tor Erling Aanerud, the Engagement Manager at Bouvet.

The My Catalogue function will be closely monitored and adjusted so that our web solutions will provide fast, correct and valuable information tailored for our website visitors.

This is the first version of My Catalogue. More ideas are already in the pipeline.


See our introduction how-to video here and read more how you can create your own catalogue