Accessories - Pallet Racking

Accessories - Pallet Racking

  • Floor Mounted Column Guards

    Floor Mounted Column Guards

    A substantial form of protection for pallet racking uprights, protects against low level impact damage caused by forklift trucks.

  • Snap on Upright Protectors

    Snap on Upright Protectors

    These upright protectors can absorb large impacts and is quickly attached to a pallet racking upright without the need for additional fasteners. 
    View PROTECT-IT leaflet

  • Column Guard with Foam

    Column Guard with Foam

    Metal Column protection with shock absorbing foam inside.

  • Rack End Protectors

    Rack End Protectors

    A robust barrier ideal for protecting vulnerable areas from forklift damage and general low level impact. 

  • Shelves


    Used between pallet racking beams to create shelves, ideal for picking at waist level.

  • Wiremesh Shelving

    Wiremesh Shelving

    Mesh shelving sits on the pallet racking beams and acts as a shelf or decking.
    More info about Wiremesh shelving>>

  • Wooden Decking

    Wooden Decking

    Slated pine panels placed between the pallet racking beams support small goods or undersized pallets.

  • Pallet Support Bars

    Pallet Support Bars

    Clipping over the front and rear beams these support undersized or damaged pallets.

  • Vertical Back Stops

    Vertical Back Stops

    A useful safety feature which prevents pallets from falling down the back of the rack.

  • Pull Out Unit - With Casters

    Pull Out Unit - With Casters

    This pull out unit can be secured to the floor, with casters at the front, enabling floor level pallets to be pulled out of the racking. 

  • Pull Out Unit - Beam Mounting

    Pull Out Unit - Beam Mounting

    The pull out unit is secured to the racking beam enabling a loaded pallet to be pulled out of racking for picking. Load capacity 1.000kg.

  • Tunnel Guards

    Tunnel Guards

    Tunnel guards are placed between beams and will support undersized pallets.

  • Separation Bars

    Separation Bars

    Ideal for separating vertical standing long goods, made to order and customised for your products. They are fixed to the rear beam.

  • Coil/Drum Holder

    Coil/Drum Holder

    For the storage of cable reels or oil barrels.

  • Drip Trays

    Drip Trays

    If (hazardous) liquids might leak, then drip trays may be placed on the floor (or per level). The drip trays are galvanized. Various sizes are available.

  • Spool/Reel Carriers

    Spool/Reel Carriers

    For storage of large cable reels or carpet rolls. A supporting rod, with high weight capacity, can easily be taken in and out of position.

  • Anti Collapse Mesh

    Anti Collapse Mesh

    Metal mesh product that offers protection for a variety of scenarios.
    More info about Anti Collapse Mesh>>

  • Sign & Marking system

    Sign & Marking system

    Label holder, self-adhering or with magnetic tape for different kind of shelves and beams. More info about Sign & Marking system>>

  • Load and Assembly Signs

    Load and Assembly Signs

    Signage for loading and assembly instructions, which can be mounted on the racks.

  • Levelling Plates

    Levelling Plates

    Leveling plates are used underneath uprights to correctly raise the height of an upright.

  • Locking Pins

    Locking Pins

    Beam locking pins are required for safety in the connector, at each end of a beam.