The Dexion P90 Silverline pallet racking system takes a whole new and innovative approach to pallet racking design. The new ’I’ beam profile offers environmentally friendly production, enhanced label visibility and increased warehouse safety while still delivering the same high quality, outstanding performance and efficiency the world has come to expect from all Dexion Products.

The P90 I-Beam has versatility, strength and dependability built-in. It is designed to fulfill the stringent requirements of all European standards as well as conforming to UK SEMA codes of practice for pallet racking.

Regardless of the kind of pallets you are using, euro-pallets, Chep pallets, disposable pallets, wooden or plastic, mesh box-pallets or containers – the P90 I-Beam will always be able to match the required formats in width, depth and height. The physical space of your warehouse will also be used in the most optimal way with an availability of heights from 1.5m and up to 30m. Heights up to 15m can be accommodated in single piece uprights.

The P90 “I” Profile beams provide a variety of benefits to end users. The many angled profile provides excellent visibility of labels at height or low level, with labels angled towards the operator.

Originally developed for the automotive industry, the I-beam utilises a state of the art ‘Tox’ connection system. This utilises a punch and die combination to join the beam section and end connector together, creating a strong and robust joint from the metal of the components, creating a connection as strong as any welded seam, without the associated environmental issues.

Future Proofed

The use of pre-galvanised steel provides a much improved and more durable finish when compared to conventional painted products. When scratched the finish protects itself by healing and limiting corrosion. Dexion led the market several years ago with pre-galvanised uprights and we are now doing the same with the beams.



Dexion I-Beam side on in a warehouse showing the profile of the beam       Dexion I-Beam connector showing the safety red locking pin in place

The profile of the Silverline beam and the design of its connectors allows for narrower frame depths than conventional pallet racking. This leads to an increased aisle width between uprights and thus a reduced susceptibility to damage by forklift trucks.

Forklift truck drivers are encouraged to position pallets away from the uprights, as required in the codes of practice, by the shoulders of the beam connectors, thus improving the safety of pallet storage.

Locking pins are an important safety feature of any pallet racking structure, ensuring that the connectors are correctly located. The presence of a P90 locking pin is easily identified by it’s red colour, providing an instantly recognisable assurance when present.