Shelving Systems and small parts handling

Shelving systems provide an ideal way of storing, organising and identifying small parts when handling component storage in warehouses and picking areas.

With a wide selection of shelving systems and options we can offer comprehensive solutions for any small parts storage or picking area; multi-tier shelving, mobile shelving, carton flow or sign and marking systems.

Our products for small part storage and handling provide a unique combination of performance, security and economy.

From standard heavy duty galvanised HI-280 shelving and longspan shelving, to the plastic storage bins for storage on the shelves, Dexion offers something for everyone.

  • Hi280 - Standard

    Hi280 - Standard

    Shelving system HI280 is the most unique shelving system in the market due to versatility and design based on a minimum of components.

  • Hi280 - Narrow Aisle

    Hi280 - Narrow Aisle

    The main advantage of a Hi280 narrow aisle storage installation is the optimization of storage space.

  • Hi280 - Mobile

    Hi280 - Mobile

    The Hi280 shelving system has a large versatility when combined with Compactus® mobiles, providing the optimal compact storage system.

  • HI280 - Multi Tier

    HI280 - Multi Tier

    HI280 Shelving system built in two tier or more interposed by mezzanine floors.

  • Shelving | Medium - Longspan | Dexion storage solutions

    Hi280 - Medium Span

    HI280 Medium Span (Longspan) shelving is often used for pick locations and for products which are preferably stored on chipboard shelves.

  • Plastic Bins and Containers

    Plastic Bins and Containers

    Maxi Bins are plastic bins/containers suitable for small parts and component storage.

  • Carton Flow

    Carton Flow

    Dexion carton flow is built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels for fast and simple alterations when changes in layout are required.

  • Longspan Shelving

    Longspan Shelving

    Dexion Longspan - typical applications would be the storage of archives or other data held in file boxes or when the items being stored are either long or bulky.

  • Premium Economy Shelving

    Premium Economy Shelving

    Handy, robust shelving perfectly sized and ideal for garage storage projects or storerooms in offices and factories.

  • Budgetline 300 Shelving

    Budgetline 300 Shelving

    Galvanised Budget shelving with almost unlimited uses. Construction uses nuts and bolts.

  • New Economy Shelving

    New Economy Shelving

    You don’t always need high-spec shelving with a wide range of accessories. Sometimes all that is required is simple, solid shelving.

  • Ship Shelves & Cabinets

    Ship Shelves & Cabinets

    The shelving system HI280 for marine use has been developed in order to work as a safe and secure storage system in marine environments.

  • Slotted Angle

    Slotted Angle

    Now almost 70 years old Dexion Slotted angle is the original adjustable storage system, suitable for many applications.