H280 Shelving System - Multi Tier


H280 Shelving System - Multi Tier

Hi280 shelving system multi tier, with an interposed mezzanine, is a construction of shelving built into two or more levels. The bottom shelving is the support for the mezzanine floor. The uprights are heavy duty and dimensioned in order to carry the loads from the floor above. Shelving built as multi tier installations is often used in larger warehouses for spare parts or where the storage of many articles is required often with a low turnover.

The base of a multi-tier installation is the Hi280 shelving itself, built of EK uprights made of 1,2 mm pre-galvanized steel. The uprights can be either full length, where they support both levels of shelves and the access walkway, or single, when they support the lower shelves and a mezzanine with free standing shelving units above.


H280 Shelving System - Multi Tier

The concept is based on well known shelving system HI280 as a multi tier installation with interposed mezzanine floor. The design demands high sustaining-capacity of individual components resulting in an installation opening vast opportunities to plan the storing in an optimal way. The total volume can be used for storing and handling. Low frequency articles are stored in higher located shelving positions while fast movers are located in the ground shelving. Multi tier installations exist in many different areas and are a storage solution related to optimal warehouse utilization more than any particular branch.


H280 Shelving System - Multi Tier

A multi tier installation requires careful specification as the total loads involved can be considerable. Because of this, the design of every multi tier installation needs to be individually calculated to ensure the highest possible safety.

The individual components are standard Hi280 parts, but due to the specific demands and possible high loads the installation is completed with stabilizing bracing, though this can depend upon the height of the installation.

Guide lines below:

Height: up to 15000 mm. Normal installation is over two or three levels including the ground floor. However, four floors have been created for some customers.

The warehouse building is often the limiting factor.

Loading capacity
The load capacity of the upper shelves is the same as the bottom shelves equal to 75 – 400 kg.
However multitier structures do need to be individually calculated and checked.