Accessories Hi280 - Standard

Accessories Hi280 - Standard

  • Shelves


    Used to store all kind of goods and items, creating additional levels per bay.

  • Space dividers

    Space dividers

    For vertical storage of long goods, like tubes, allowing quick and direct access.

  • Shelf dividers

    Shelf dividers

    Used to separate stored items and create smaller shelf locations.

  • Rod-dividers


    Compartments can be divided into a number of open bar partitions.

  • Cross Beams

    Cross Beams

    Allow the storing of large sized goods in a very economical way, saving the cost of additional shelves.

  • Pull-out shelves

    Pull-out shelves

    Usable as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.

  • Pull-out drawers

    Pull-out drawers

    Suitable for storage of smaller goods or items, shown in combination with plastic storage bins.

  • Shelf drawers and drawers nests

    Shelf drawers and drawers nests

    For storing small parts. Shelf drawers positioned directly on the HI280 shelf or guided in a frame.

  • Lockable doors

    Lockable doors

    Full and part height lockable doors

  • Rack end protectors

    Rack end protectors

    To protect the shelf uprights from collision.

  • Base plinths

    Base plinths

    Used to create a stop along the front of the bottom shelf.

  • Plastic Storage bins

    Plastic Storage bins

    Ideal for storing smaller items, available in a number of sizes.
    More info about Plastic Bins>>

  • Shelf dividers part height

    Shelf dividers part height

    Used to separate stored items and create smaller shelf locations.

  • Label holder

    Label holder

    For attaching shelf labels to the shelves. Available in different variations depending on the placement of the shelf, all provding easy identification.

  • Sign & Marking system

    Sign & Marking system

    Label holder, self-adhering or with magnetic tape for different kind of shelves and beams. More info about Sign & Marking system>>

  • Tube rail

    Tube rail

    Used as a garment rail. Items can be hung from the rail by using hooks also available.

  • Tyre bracket

    Tyre bracket

    Allows the tyre to rest on a larger surface to avoid point loads and flat spots.

  • Bin front

    Bin front

    Fitted to the front and/or back of a shelf to prevent items from falling from the shelf. Can be stacked on top of each other.

  • Chipboard Shelves

    Chipboard Shelves

    Use to store all kind of goods and items.