Industrial Paternoster IPN


Industrial Paternoster IPN

Efficient Storage and Order Picking

Picking time is basic time plus identification time plus operator walking time plus access time…

… that’s a lot of time! You want to optimise your picking processes, reduce picking errors to a minimum and save time and money?

Dexion‘s Industrial Paternoster systems are particularly suited for fast small parts order picking. Through vertical rotation, the requested goods are transported to the operator at the shortest possible route. The Industrial Paternoster needs up to 75% less floor space than conventional warehousing solutions.

Operator travel time makes up for 1/3 of total order picking time– and this is where the greatest potential for productivity optimisation lies. The Industrial Paternoster reduces internal travel and waiting times in your warehouse  by up to 65%!

The Dexion Industrial Paternoster IPN is particularly suited for fast order picking of small parts and can be custom-tailored to suit your individual requirements with shelves, intermediate shelves and partitioning equipment to adapt to various height requirements. From simple manual operation to host-controlled order picking or highly efficient batch-picking – this all-round talent offers you endless possibilities. 


Industrial Paternoster IPN

Keep your warehouse running - the Industrial Paternoster IPN stands for:

        ·   Fast, efficient and accurate order picking
            – saves up to 65% time 

        ·   Up to 70% savings in floor space
            whilst providing the same storage capacity

        ·   Full utilisation of existing building heights
            – from the floor to the ceiling

        ·   Reduces operator walking times

        ·   Ergonomic design, reduces physical stress
            to a minimum – “goods-to-person”- principle

        ·   Almost 100% order picking accuracy,
            no more search for items

        ·   Considerable increase of goods turnover
             inside your warehouse  

        ·   Safe and clean storage

        ·   Safety light curtains inside the machine protect
            the operator during machine operation

        ·   Windows-based machine control

        ·   Easy implementation into existing
            IT environments 


Industrial Paternoster IPN

Technical Data  

  Total depth   1836, 2036 and 2236 mm  
  Total height   3040 - 14890 mm  
  Total width   3703 and 4953 mm  
  Total capacity   15 600 kg max  
  Carrier widths   2850 and 4100 mm  
  Carrier depths   420, 520 and 620 mm  
  Carrier capacity   600 kg max  
  Space between carriers   201-493 mm  
  Electrical connection   400 VAC  
  Motor output   4 kW  
  Control system   PaC100