Storage and Work Areas

Whether you need more space or to provide secure and safe work areas for your employees, we have a range of systems and products for optimising your storage and work areas.

Mezzanine floors and wall partitioning systems provide extra space and offices, while wire-mesh systems and anti-collapse mesh, protect your work force. We also have a comprehensive range of lockers and cabinets in different models and sizes to provide secure storage for your workplace.


  • Mezzanine Floors

    Mezzanine Floors

    Mezzanine flooring can easily and cost efficiently be used to create extra floor space in existing buildings.

  • Industrial Steel Partitioning

    Industrial Steel Partitioning

    A pre-manufactured flexible partition system made from Steel, Gypsum and Mineral wool and used within industry to improve the working environment for employees.

  • Wiremesh Decking & Shelving

    Wiremesh Decking & Shelving

    Mesh Decking/Shelving sits on the pallet racking beams and acts as a shelf, offering an alternative to timber decking and solid steel panel solutions.

  • Anti Collapse Mesh

    Anti Collapse Mesh

    Metal mesh screen product offering protection for a variety of scenarios. It can be fixed to racking or used vertically as a fence.

  • Sign and Marking Systems

    Sign and Marking Systems

    All warehouses must have a sign and marking system. It is the basis for an effective handling system within a warehouse.

  • Lockers


    Personal strorage locker with 1 to 16 doors, choice of colours and finishes as well as heights and designs. Clever space saving designs avaialble.

  • Storage cabinets

    Storage cabinets

    You will find some kind of lockable storage cabinet in more or less every industrial operation - wherever there is a demand for closed, lockable storage, whether it is for tools or expensive spare-parts, nuts and bolts, documents or computers that need to be locked away.