Dexion Automotive Retail Storage Solutions - References

Dexion References for Automotive Retail Storage

  • Hi280 Multi Tier - Toyota Parts Center, Belgium - Dexion

    Toyota Parts Center, Belgium

    Due to an extension of their warehouse facility, Toyota asked us to develop a multi tier shelving system for the storage of small parts and accessories.

  • Bekö Bil Sweden - Tyre storage & Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor storage

    BEKO Bil, Sweden

    Due to new regulations in Sweden all cars are required to have two sets of tyres, summer and winter. As a result Bekö bil invested in a new workshop to satisfy demand for this.

  • References - Biltema Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema is a key Scandinavian supplier of miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine industry.

  • Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil Ab, located in Gothenburg, has the mechanics' tools stored in an automatic Constructor Tornado storage machine.

  • H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

    H. Kraatz Oy, Finland

    At Kraatz two Tornado DTs were placed facing each other so they achieved the capacity of four Tornados in one picking point.

  • Lift systems TORNADO - Holger Christiansen, Denmark - Dexion

    Holger Christiansen A/S

    Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision to build a central warehouse. This was specifically designed for our Double Tornado machines.

  • Koiviston Auto Oy, Lahti - Paternoster & Tornado - Dexion

    Koiviston Auto Oy, Finland

    For a new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto installed four new Paternosters and transferred five older units to sit with a Tornado machine.

  • Small Part Handling Hi280 Shelving System - Mansa Autodele - Dexion

    Mansa Autodele, Denmark

    Mansa Autodele built a new warehouse with 450 m² of storage for automotive spare parts.

  • Nissan - Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan - Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan realised the advantages of outsourcing logistics and storage, so we helped with the transition to Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg.

  • Parker Hannifin - Hi280 Shelving System & Pallet Racking P90 - Constructor Storage

    Parker Hannifin, Holland

    Parker Hannifin required shelving and pallet racking for hydraulic hose storage by following decision to improve storage and efficiency.

  • POLO Expressversand, Germany - Hi280 Shelving system - Dexion

    POLO Expressversand, Germany

    One of the leading suppliers of motorcycle related products needed a new logistics centre, so we helped them.

  • Rexel, Germany - Three-Tier HI280 Shelving System - Dexion

    Rexel, Germany

    For the new regional central warehouse, Dexion has created space for the storage and order-picking of some 30.000 items And increasing order lines picked per day from 6.000 to 12.000.

  • Volkswagen, Nykvarn, Sweden

    Volkswagen, Nykvarn, Sweden

    We were pleased to help Volkswagen Parts Logistics with their new central warehouse in Scandinavia, which supplies parts for all models of the group.

  • Preh-Case Study

    Preh, Romania

    Preh refurbishes their three warehouses with multiple solutions from Dexion, including, storage, picking and handling systems.