Rexel, Germany - Dexion Automotive Retail Storage Reference

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Rexel, Germany - Dexion Automotive Retail Storage Reference

Rexel is the world market leader in distribution of electrical material and technical equipment – supplying everything from small electronic components up to thermal heat pumps.

For the new regional central warehouse in the Bavarian town of Hof, Dexion has created space using a multi-tier shelving system for the storage and order-picking of some 30,000 items. Whereas the old warehouse was only able to process 6,000 order lines per day, the new plant produces figures of up to 12,000 lines per day.


The warehouse has been equipped with a three-tier HI280-shleving system utilising medium span shelves, a P90 pallet racking system and some heavy-duty cantilever racks.


Warehouse area: 12.000 m²
Storage base: 15.000 m²
Picking rate: up to 15.000 per day
8.000 pallet places and space for 68.000 articles