Dexion Food and Drinks Storage Solutions - References

Dexion References for Food & Drinks storage solutions.

  • Boots Plc - Premierack, Push back, Pallet flow, Pallet racking - Constructor Storage

    Boots Plc, UK

    Boots are the UK’s leading health & beauty retailer. They decided to consolidate their supply chain for fast moving goods.

  • Brady Ham Kildare, Ireland

    Brady Ham Kildare, Ireland

    Storage Systems Ltd has completed a Dexion Deepstor Drive In Racking installation at Brady Ham.

  • Hennig Olsen Is AS - Mobile Pallet racking - Constructor

    Hennig Olsen Is AS, Norway

    Due to the need of additional storage capacity in their ice cream packaging warehouse a mobile racking solution was installed. This increased the number of pallet positions by 70%.

  • Hottlet Frozen Food, Belgium

    Hottlet Frozen Food, Belgium

    Hottlet stores frozen seafood from all over the world. Our mobile pallet racking helped achieve better utilization of the available space and to reduce running costs.

  • Keelings Dublin, Ireland

    Keelings Dublin, Ireland

    Storage Systems Ltd was awarded the contract to supply and install Dexion P-90 Drive-in Pallet Racking to 3 chill stores at their main distribution warehouse in St Margaret’s, North Dublin.

  • OBrien Ingredients Dublin, Ireland

    OBrien Ingredients Dublin, Ireland

    OBrien Ingredients is one of Irelands leading supplier of food ingredients with their warehouse facility located in Citywest, Dublin.

  • Oy Hartwall Finland - High bay pallet racking, warehouse storage - Constructor Pallet Handling

    Oy Hartwell Ab, Finland

    Hartwall manufactures all types of drinks stored in a High bay racking solution which operates in a highly automated, flexible and cost-effective plant.