Dexion Medical Health Care & Pharmacy Storage Solutions - References

Dexion References for Medical, Healthcare and Pharmacy storage solutions.

  • Antibiotice SA - Pallet Racking P90 - Dexion

    Antibiotice Iasi

    As Romania’s largest medicine manufacturer, Antibiotice needed a modern storage space for both raw materials and product stock.

  • Berner Oy Finland - Storage Machines Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor Storage

    Berner Oy, Finland

    By investing in six Paternosters and one double Tornado picking errors decreased and batch picking allowed for quick and efficient picking.

  • Hospital Pharmacy Dresden, Germany - Storage Machine Horizontal Carousels - Dexion

    Hospital Pharmacy Dresden-Friedrichstadt

    By introducing four horizontal carousels, specially adapted to the low ceiling, used in conjunction with Dexion Warehouse Management System enabled simultaneous picking of up to 15 orders.

  • Randox Laboratories - Hi280 Shelving System, Multi-tier - Dexion

    Randox Labs

    Within an old farm building Randox constructed a controlled climate store in which a 2 tier Hi280 system was installed to store medical research samples.