HI280 Shelving - Storage Systems Reference: Land Registry of Ireland

Land Registry of Ireland - HI280 Shelving Reference

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Land Registry of Ireland - HI280 Shelving Reference

The Land Registry of Ireland records and files all transactions in relation to property in Ireland. Storage Systems Ltd. has completed a Three-Tier HI-280 Shelving Mezzanine Floor System for the Land Registry of Ireland at their New Central Document Storage Warehouse in Santry, Dublin.

The Solution

The installation comprises of shelving bays 7500mm high overall with integrated catwalk floors installed at 2600mm high and 5100mm high to store their office files. The catwalk floors are constructed with perforated steel floor panels fixed to shelving uprights and 2 tower staircases and 1 goods lift are included. In total, 2,400 bays of HI-280 Shelving are installed on 3 floor levels. All bays are 400mm deep and shelves are installed at 200mm vertical pitch.