Papyrus, Sweden - Warehouse Intelligence Systems (C-WIS) Reference

Papyrus, Sweden - Warehouse Intelligence Systems (C-WIS) Reference

Papyrus is one of Europe’s leading merchants in paper, facility supplies and industrial packaging. It supplies about 1.8 million tons of paper annually. Papyrus currently has a presence in 22 European countries and employs 2,800 people.

Papyrus is planning to transfer stock from different warehouses in Sweden to warehouses in Mölndal and Holsbybrunn. This means increased demands on both warehouse solutions and management. To assist with design and logistics analysis of different solutions Constructor Logistics was engaged.

The analysis was based on one year of order and item data, imported into C-WIS (Constructor Warehouse Intelligence System). Our software offered different solutions, identifying detailed options of locations, operational impacts and investment costs.


Based on the logistics analysis Papyrus was able to plan and investment in new warehouse layouts, confirm new placing strategies and investment in optimal pallet racking systems.