HOCA Horizontal Carousel


HOCA Horizontal Carousel

Efficient use of room depth, high- density storage

The principle of a horizontal carousel is easy – it makes optimal use of existing room length if overhead space is missing.    

In practice, the optimal warehouse fill rate – in relation to the available storage space – is 80% to (maximum) 90%. Depending on existing building structures and lack of overhead space, Dexion’s  HOCA horizontal carousel makes optimal use of the available room depth. 

Horizontal carousels guarantee cost-effective warehousing and efficient picking processes. “Keeps everything moving round”. With horizontal carousels, the goods are transported to a picking station at the front of the carousel, fast and with pin-point accuracy. Whether you store small parts in bins or boxes, the Dexion HOCA offers ample space for articles of various dimensions and shapes. 

Our automated HOCA Horizontal Carousel allows you to

    Dramatically increase your storage capacity
through optimal use of the available room depth     

    Reduce operators walking and waiting times
to a minimum

    Avoid picking errors 

    Guarantee fast, efficient and accurate
order performance


  Speed up order throughput times
    Achieve maximum storage density   


The HOCA is the ideal solution when it comes to:

    Storing small and medium-sized parts   

    Warehouses with a large range of different goods 

    High product turnover

    Safe, clean and well-organised storage

    Multi-level operation, meaning that 1 operator
can pick efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy



HOCA Horizontal Carousel

A must-have for your warehouse! 

The combination of multiple horizontal carousels (HOCA) belonging to 1 picking station and operating simultaneously guarantees permanent access to the stored goods.

Access openings concentrated on the smallest footprint guarantee high picking performances while significantly increasing your warehouse efficiency.

While the operator picks from one carousel, the other machines in the background are bringing the next requested order line for delivery at the access point, therefore reducing operator waiting time to a minimum. 

        ·   Saves up to 65% order picking time compared
            to static systems e.g. racking systems 

        ·   Optimal storage density through full utilisation
            of  available room depth

        ·   Saving man power recources  by simultaneous
            operation of several horizontal carousels through
            one single operator

        ·   High degree of picking accuracy through
            batch-picking, barcode check and pick-by-light
            operation (optional accessories)

        ·   Ergonomic operation  through ideal 
            "goods-to-person“ principle

        ·   Flexible modular system to existing building structures,
            stored goods and product ranges, an expandable system

        ·   Optimal protection of stored goods 
            for secure access and against dust and dirt

        ·   Safety for persons and stored goods with
            sensor-controlled, automatically operated glass doors

        ·   Flexible and easy implementation 
             into existing IT-structures 

        ·   Integration of peripheral devices for easy
            and paperless order picking (scanner, scales, SPS)


HOCA Horizontal Carousel

 Technical data

  Bay widths    830 and 1010 mm  
  Bay depths     508 and 608 mm  
  Tray capacity   100 kg  
  Shelf division   60 and 120 mm  
  Bay capacity   600 kg  
  Total capacity max.    max. 40.000 kg  
  Total widths     1.700 and 1.900 mm  
  Total length   50 m max.  
  Overall heights    2.150 to 4.350 mm