Horizontal Tyre Storage


Horizontal Tyre Storage

The P90 Racking System is suitable for larger volume storage of tyres stored horizontally in warehouses using fork lift trucks.

  • Compact storage
  • Fast access
  • Scalable up to very large installations


P90 tyre rack with arms to hold 4 tyres horizontally - ideal for bulk storage perhaps in Tyre hotels - Graphic left column

P90 Tyre Rack

P90 Tyre Rack is suitable for the storage of car and van tyres. Due to the modular design of the tyre rack the storage space can be fully utilised.

Tyres from one vehicle are placed horizontally and built up into a stack, they are then put away and stored on the arms of the tyre rack. This solution provides easy handling, storage and retrieval of all tyres for one vehicle.

P90 Pallet Racking for tyres

Tyres might also also be transported and stored on pallets or in stillages providing the possibility of using the standard Pallet Racking system. This is a versatile system, available in heights up to 30 metres, with varying depths and widths. It can be assembled as single or double depth racks. P90 pallet racking can also be mounted on mobile bases to optimise the space available, creating a compact tyre storage system, this is know as MOVO Mobile pallet racking.

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