Test your warehouse safety

Test your warehouse safety

Do a quick test of your warehouse safety and send your results to us. We will do an analysis of your answers and come back to you with your results. 

Fill in your details, answer the questions and submit your score!

1. How many of your pallet racking bays are currently equipped with load signs?

2. Please indicate the percentage of your personnel who are aware of where the load signs are placed and understand the meaning of them?

3. Have you rebuilt your pallet racking yourself, since it was originally installed?

4. Do you have a responsible person who monitors the loading in the various sections of your pallet racking?

5. How often do you carry out a visual inspection to detect any damage to your pallet racking?

6. Have you had any accidents resulting from a pallet being positioned too far into the rack, after being pushed by an opposite pallet?

7. When was the latest "expert inspection" carried out on your pallet racking?