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Constructor achieves high speed solution for GC Rieber Salt

Case Study Overview

Customer: GC Rieber Salt
Location: Norway
Products/services used: Constructor Pallet Shuttle Systems

Business need

GC Rieber Salt is one of the leading suppliers of salt and related products in the Nordic region. Their products are widely used for road maintenance and in the agriculture, fish processing and food and oil industries.

Rieber Salt, NorwayThe company offers logistics solutions from Fredericia, Denmark in the south and along the Norwegian coast to Hammerfest in the north. Through their international partners they have logistics lines from most of Europe via Mariager in Denmark and to a terminal in Norway.

Most of the goods they handle are transported by sea and they ship between 600,000 and 700,000 tonnes of goods annually in approximately 250 shipments. Their terminals offer unloading, storage, handling and onward transport to other parts of Norway.

GC Rieber needed to expand their storage capacity whilst increasing picking rates and obtaining a better overview of all their products.

Constructor solution

GC Rieber Salt had a very specific need: a safe, compact and high speed system in an unheated warehouse very close to the sea. Salt products have to be stored in perfect conditions. However, this presents a challenging environment for those who work in it.

The solution provided by Constructor has a hot dipped galvanized surface to the racking and a customised Pallet Shuttle that can work in either a cold or ambient environment. The shuttles handle both wood and plastic pallets each with different depths.

The result

Storing bags of salt in close proximity to the ocean was a challenge, but the Pallet Shuttle system and last-in first-out (LIFO) solution overcame this.

Rieber Salt, NorwayWith an installation of 23 lanes with 13 pallets per lane over four levels and two shuttles operating, the company achieved the speed of pallet movements they wanted in the warehouse, as well as a gaining a better product overview at all times.

About CG Rieber

CG Rieber Salt offer a wide range of salt and minerals adapted to the different markets in which they operate. With a variety of warehouses and terminals across Norway and Denmark, they are able to achieve the rapid delivery of high quality salt at competitive prices which has been the company’s trademark since 1900.

GC Rieber Salt is part of the GC Rieber Group.