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Pallet racking installed in areas that are known to be at risk of seismic activity needs to be designed, engineered and constructed specifically to resist seismic forces.

Every installation needs to be able to withstand seismic activity without collapsing and damaging people or inventory.

Pallet Racking Storage for Seismic ZonesEffective seismic design is complex, which is why Dexion uses highly qualified engineers using state-of-the-art technology to calculate the required load-bearing and static parameters of the rack system and computational analysis performed in accordance with normative guidelines dimensioning seismic acceleration.

Dexion has completed many such installations for clients throughout Europe and beyond. As active members of the European Racking Federation technical working groups for racking development, Dexion offers solutions that are not only effective but also compliant.

The regions in Europe that are most at risk are shown on the map.

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