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If you're operating a 3PL company, you need optimum storage solutions to guarantee the speed, flexibility and safety of your stored products.

Storage that's designed with a clear understanding of the way items are moved and used, can save time and speed-up processes significantly.

Some of the key issues you may face are:

  • Flexibility to alter layouts and adapt as contracts change
  • Ability to store a variety of different sized goods
  • Ensuring optimum use of space in a warehouse
  • Obtaining the most storage in the smallest space
  • Fast access to goods as deliveries are collated and assembled

We understand the issues a 3PL warehouse faces, and suggest the best layout to maximise your space.

We can offer assistance with:

  • Optimal design of an existing or new warehouse
  • Increasing your material-handling efficiency
  • Optimising your stock levels

With our wide range of pallet-racking solutions, you can double your use of existing space – increasing storage by up to 83%.

Want to see your designs in 3D before committing to them?

Our bespoke 3D simulation software analyses and simulates the performance of your warehouse operation.

  • Evaluates the benefits of different warehouse solutions
  • Helps you understand the advantages and disadvantages before costly investment

Pallet storage for heavy & bulky items

Pallet racking can maximise the height, width and depth of your storage areas, and is ideal for storing heavy or bulky items requiring a fork lift truck for picking.

  • Perfect for large distribution centres or warehouses
  • Available as a wide-aisle, narrow aisle, or drive-in solution
  • Range of accessories including pull-out-units, mesh shelving and walkways

Increase storage capacity with mobile pallet racking

MOVO, the mobile pallet racking solution provides dense pallet storage. It helps to reduce costs for a new building and better-utilises existing warehouse storage space.

  • Suitable for any kind of warehoused goods
  • Guaranteed operational safety at temperatures as low as -30°C
  • Wide variety of accessories

Pallet Flow for cross docking situations

Pallet Flow creates a FIFO system within your pallet racking:

  • An ideal cross-docking storage facility
  • Automatic stock rotation
  • Only two aisles required
  • High speed of operation
  • Uses up to 60% less floor space