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If you have a larger warehouse for spare parts, or are storing many articles with a low turnover, then a multi-tier shelving installation could be the perfect solution.

There are several options available to meet the precise needs for your space and fit your budget.

The Hi280 Multi-tier Shelving System (with interposed mezzanine)

Multi Tier Shelving

Cost-efficient and offering an improved use of space and storage:

Improved use of space

  • Can be built into two or more levels
  • Bottom shelving supports the mezzanine floor
  • Heavy-duty uprights carry loads from floor above

Improved storage

  • No need for pillars to support the 2nd tier floor
  • Second level often possible due to slim steel-grid floor
  • Thinner floor also allows for an additional level of storage to be included


Cost Efficient

  • Floors and shelving built as one, saving time and manpower
  • Provides additional extra storage space
  • Vast opportunities for customisation and therefore optimal storage



Dexion ME250 mezzanine flooring gives you a cost-efficient way of creating additional, multi-functional floor space in your existing buildings:

  • Uprights and beams form the largest heavy-duty floors
  • Standard load up to 1000 kg/m2 and a span up to 10 meters
  • Complete with a high-quality stairway, strong railings and three different pallet gates
  • Demountable & reusable