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Dexion Supports Men’s World Ski Jumping Stage Held in Romania

This year, for the first time, Rasnov joins the 25-top ski jumping venues across the world by hosting one of the stages of the FIS Summer Grand Prix, the foremost summer ski jumping tournament in the world.

Men’s World Ski Jumping StageFor this stage, 37 of the world’s best ski jumpers from 9 countries attended, including Kamil Stoch, reigning Olympic champion and winner of the last Ski Jumping stage, in his route to breaking all the records in this sport.

“Dexion is proud to support this unique event, that makes Rasnov stand out as an important centre of international sports events. As a company based in Rasnov, we are glad to involve ourselves in the town’s successes as they reflect on our activity as well” stated Brian Howson, General Manager for Dexion. “Apart from the official support the company provided for the event, further assistance was provided by 10 Dexion employees that volunteered to help with the organisation of the event.”

Men’s World Ski Jumping StageThe Rasnov Ski Jumping Venue is also hosting the Carpat Cup and the FiS Cup, where 100 athletes from 22 countries are attending and where once again Dexion is supporting the endeavour.

The FIS Summer Grand Prix was established in 1994 after the Olympic Games in Lillehammer as a sister competition to the Winter Grand Prix, where synthetic materials are used to simulate winter conditions and allow for the sport’s top athletes to continue honing and showcasing their skills through the summer.

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