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Constructor storage solution keeps VMS Group on a roll

There is never a good time for a part to break down or need servicing in any industry. 

But when the items in question are used in ships, power plants and offshore industries, the need to get them repaired and back on board is imperative.   

VMS Group takes pride in their ability to service and repair all types of essential components from these industries- including diesel engines, turbochargers, gears and propellers.

With turnaround time tight, the group make a huge effort to provide a high level of customer service, which includes operating their warehouse facilities 24/7- 365 days a year.

Tornado, VMSThe company wanted storage solutions for their warehouse in Frederikshavn that would enable them to keep up with demand. Working closely with the client, Constructor created an installation that addressed all VMS Group's needs.

Tornado storage machine, which is ideal for the storage of small items, which transformed 190 sq. m of shelving down to a footprint of just 12 sq. m.

Three double racks of Narrow aisle P90 pallet racking, which made use of the 8m roof height.

A mezzanine floor, which created even more space and provides storage for the most space consuming and bulky items

As Bo Greve, Warehouse Manager, commented "With these storage solutions VMS Group is able to store anything coming our way. The solutions all make optimum use of the space, even providing more space."

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