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For the safe, organised storage of long and heavy goods, our made-to-measure Cantilever systems and accessories are your perfect fit. 

Exceedingly versatile for all types of warehousing and storage environments, they are all specially designed to store various length items – steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture, crates and boxes, even white goods.

And with an additional range of add-ons and extras as standard, Cantilever Racking, Rollrack, Timber locker, and A-rack* won't let you down when the pressure is on. All while allowing you to boost workflow and efficiencies on the same footprint, and ensuring protection of goods and safety of your staff.

What accessories do you need?
Select your required Cantilever accessories from the options below.  If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to contact us.

Steel Shelves
Cantilever Roof and side and back cladding
Steel Grating
Fixed End Stopper
Removable Round Stoppers
Cantilever Mobile Bases
Removable End Stopper